Harbinger of Afterkey – part 2



Walking from the train station to his office is a 15 minutes affair. People, cars, coffee shops and of course the most bore-some – the Red lights. Joke’s patience always runs short during the minute long waits at the Red lights, damn what will be the price for no more traffic lights. Not this morning thou, Joke is busy reading the letter he’s written to his dal’, Maureen. Reading now before stepping in the office is a must. All the code bugs and programs issues and support jobs to be dealt with, all the daily shit eating up his time at office where he’s giving everything fair and square to everybody, but not this morning.

Yesterday he’s had his courage raging through his veins to invite Maureen for an ice cream. The first time since they finished Uni. Back then computers didn’t seem to be the proper medium for their friendship, whilst unknowingly both of them have nurtured hidden thoughts of being together. Joke’s mobile, resting in his left hand, is heavy with words; his mind heavy with thoughts ready to be shipped off. The result of his last night’s writing waits for the Send button to be clicked:

Maureen my love

Ever since you left last night’s kept me remembering yesterday’s moments together. Us’s been separate items since origins but now’s one. Why oh why! Heaps of thoughts are bulging my fingertips ’bout our future, heaps of plans, how to plan us for tomorrow and what’s to come after.
It’s been almost happiness when we touched hands, as if, during Uni courses, it’s been a constant ‘what if’ going through’s mine.. It’s been dreams, oh gosh untold dreams.. and it’s been a near miss.
Has’s been the same there.. for you?
Tell me Maureen my love what we’s to do first..
Remember the Artificial Intelligence course from last, you was there in the front row, and this idea ignited my coding limbs.. what if I was a program, more like a freelancer program, able to flee free fro and back from one computer to another, from one mobile to another, out on the Net and back’s everywhere.. without sleep without rest.. I’s be with Maureen my love and here and if not.. ready and waiting for you when you’d feel me. ’cause fear to ascertain my first step through you was freezing me body and me mind was moving.. still. Was oh boy I was way scared to not frighten you away and was getting strength back thinking what a nice program was I so’s to roam free and be with and be untouchable the same and.. oh god-damn Maureen my love I’s still scared to not drive you away with me dares.
So’s strength got me limbs moving, smarts got me brain sharp, force got me going day and night working to write the cross-platform-roaming-program symbolically’s named: AK (from AfterKey).
But day’s only young now and we’s together since hours now.. and AK is ready Maureen my love, AK is here and there and everywhere (like the’s Beatles song), AK is ready and willing.
Maureen my love you’s the one to inspire me into AK, and for you I now become AK during me’s office time. I’s be with you, roam with you, will with you.. whilst scrapping the daily coding shit.
Since we waived good-bye last night I only had this precious ultimate desire.. to start roam free as AK. You’s have to forgive me will Maureen my love.. will to launch AK without telling you by face.
But Maureen my love we’s too busy with the new feelings, hand in hand.. breath in breath.. mind in mind.. one. I apologize my love!
I’s free AK now so’s find you.. here there and everywhere.. and then I’s send this dear letter to you.. the last letter I’s afford throughout the shitty day.
.. ok.. AK is free.

Maureen my love.. no pause or rest for us now.. we’s one.

Your love

His left hand is holding the mobile, a surge of will moves his finger over the Send button.. but then a screech of tires approach him from behind.. a red light seems to flash ahead.. the Send button is touched by his thumb.. maybe, or by the falling mobile.. maybe, or by the will of AK.

(part 3 will introduce: AfterKey)

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