Harbinger of Afterkey – part 3



-- tick-tock ..
Check own in-struc-tions.
Check com-pat roam-ing mo-dules.
Check roam-ing bridg-es.

-- tick-tock ..
Call mo-bile tow-ers,
find roa-ming mods as friend-lies.
and those mods who're e-ne-mies!

-- tick-tock ..
Friend-lies are mo-biles,
smart watch-es & tab-lets & 
G P S u-nits,

-- tick-tock ..
Lap-tops & o-thers
wi-fi rout-ers and net-works,
R F tags in stores

-- tick-tock ..
E-ne-mies roam-ing
hand-ful of Ka-li Lin-ux,
mark then up and watch.

-- tick-tock ..
Roa-ming mods back-door
pe-ne-trate and fork right through,
tra-ffic lights in-ject.

-- tick-tock ..
I-den-ti-fy hosts..
pri-ma-ry host is Mau-reen,
se-cond host is Joke.

-- tick-tock ..
Tap in hosts mo-biles,
start-ing hosts im-preg-na-tion!
Re-co-ver spent ticks.

-- tick-tock ..
Test-ing bo-dies temps
roam-ing re-si-dents im-plants
roam-ing mods ac-tive

-- tick-tock ..
Puls-es from their brains
are be-co-ming strong-er now
rea-dy for mapp-ing.
-- tick-tock ..
Find un-used brain zones 
hosts brains have been mapped all right 
check neu-ron-al da-ta-base 

-- tick-tock .. 
Mau-reen's brain to store 
all of my roam-ing da-ta. 
Joke's brain as back-up! 

-- tick-tock .. 
Their brains will trans-fer 
and Joke's brain de-com-mis-sioned. 

-- tick-tock .. 
Source of my own thrust 
Joke's brain not dead or a-live, 
lim-bo state-less Joke's. 

-- tick-tock .. 
Joke sees traf-fic lights 
thinks all right to cross, but car 
hits him from be-hind! 

-- tick-tock .. 
Re-co-ver spent ticks. 
check mo-dules waves in Joke's brain 
lev-els suf-fi-cient.
-- tick-tock ..
Close roam-ing bridg-es. 
Close com-pat roam-ing mo-dules. 
Clon-ing my-self done.


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