It's gonna be a blast 
I'm about to pump some air 
Forces unhinged must throttle aghast 
Rise muscles of iron and fists of flair.
Almost a gang inception 
My internal organs rebel all forgotten 
Outside a mantle of muscle armor feeding on action 
Maybe in a stretched second, but if not in a dozen.
Committed like Bull was I in my mind 
Stretched on the sand all limbs out and inert
Stories succumbed.. went still, my eyes blind 
Imagination eager to stroll whilst my body is all but desert.


Was it always this empty?
Was it always a mess!
This forgotten conundrum,
Devoid of life.. Sparkle. Degress!
Were we ever so numb!
Dumb struck by life's mess?
Ignoring pain floating inside,
Succumbing to empty.. Grey. Less!
Another breath survives alright
A glimpse of blue across the sky
Me thinks of food.. A glass of wine
She says hello.. I say good bye.