Job application – sometimes is a paradox

New tech job vacancy pops up on social media.

She decides to give it a go.

Employer belongs to some Air Space agency.

Clearances are a must.

The online form is worked through until it kicks her out due to not completing the ‘past employment with this company’ box.

Reason is ‘not a resident’!

No option is offered to restart the application.

But the job is too good to be forgotten, ‘just’ because the buggy web form decides to have a mind of it’s own.

A new email address is passed along and a new online form is started.

The happy-web-form-data-filling progresses a bit further.

Then the real questions appear, about real life tech-experiences, which she aims to knock real tight.

Decides to think it through, takes a break, and has to save the application done thus far.

But when Save option is chosen another kicker shows her time is up.. ‘not enough Clearances for this job’!

Now, now.. why would  such a buggy and hope-shattering web application form be put up at all? And why would anyone realistically hope they should be associated with this company at all!