The perfect space

Sits quietly and waits
In lieu of wondering about
Un-drifts itself from ups and downs
Prolongs the day without a doubt.

Invites attendants to the smoothest show
Un-compromised by feelings, looks or story's flow
Desire free, no second thought nor grow
.. mostly simple and un-hinged blow.

The perfect space hides deep inside somewhere
It'd hover not be low enough
Linger by itself..
Not open not closed, colourless
Impenetrable by our ego..
Or our hands..
Or minds.

It is perfect in this form
Or shape..
Unforgettable by all means
Of understanding..
Could've easily been missed
Nor found
Afaik that special link,

Which got me thinking.


I must


I must learn to play the violin
All through my darkest grin,
I must learn to recognize the grace 
All within my dog's embrace.
I must write on something odd
Like my mum's smile in her diary log,
I must touch all flower's petals 
Like my lover's skin which gracefully unsettles.

I must offer trusting echoes 
Desires clouded in their misty fragrance,
I must overlook my senseless thoughts and struggle
Whenever life takes aim and shoots point blank her daily fable.

And when all this noise is vacuumed by the moment 
Then I must hold it in whilst share it's natural endowment.



It's gonna be a blast 
I'm about to pump some air 
Forces unhinged must throttle aghast 
Rise muscles of iron and fists of flair.
Almost a gang inception 
My internal organs rebel all forgotten 
Outside a mantle of muscle armor feeding on action 
Maybe in a stretched second, but if not in a dozen.
Committed like Bull was I in my mind 
Stretched on the sand all limbs out and inert
Stories succumbed.. went still, my eyes blind 
Imagination eager to stroll whilst my body is all but desert.


Was it always this empty?
Was it always a mess!
This forgotten conundrum,
Devoid of life.. Sparkle. Degress!
Were we ever so numb!
Dumb struck by life's mess?
Ignoring pain floating inside,
Succumbing to empty.. Grey. Less!
Another breath survives alright
A glimpse of blue across the sky
Me thinks of food.. A glass of wine
She says hello.. I say good bye.


Eating an apple

Thoughts immersed in limbo
Starring blindly through the window
Trees moving, chasing the road behind,
Empty glaze upfronts my mind
Goals, unrefined.

Barrows driven through umbrellas
Wearing thinning dusty skins
Mirrors thirst, reflecting blackness
Nothing else apart from glee
Other than this sea
Right above me.

Shouldn’t matter if velvet breaks the ice..
Of our frozen souls, twice
In and out of glaring sorrow
No remorse tomorrow
Or tonight.



(‘Umbra’ by Ana Blandiana, she is a Romanian poet, essayist and political figure, born in 1942; this is my interpretation from original)

Who is walking ahead
Without looking back
Has forgot about him behind;
Who runs
Is of being afraid
To not be reached
By himself;
He who doesn’t share a target
Is scared
To not find there
He himself,
As if his shadow
Wouldn’t be just the pond of black
Dropping from our open veins
Because of our desire to progress…