Thoughts on technology

You can chose to play bridge at a club, or online.

If you’re short on time but you’re still keen on staying alert and fresh in your bridge endeavors then it’s a must to play whenever you can.. like you know: on your way forth and back from work, when you’re stuck in traffic, in a queue of your choice, or waiting for the sleep to come.

So your close friends must be the GIB robots from BBO (Bridge Base Online). You can buy them for a period of time (say a day) and use them to play for money. Or you can open a table with 3 other robots for a quickie.. like a game of 4 or an unlimited stream of hands. You get the picture..

But my take is from another angle. So for every one of us lonely and sad players of bridge there is a potential of 3 robots ready and willing. Are they smart enough, well that’s another story. However, they are there!

But let’s extend this: for every one of us sad and lonely human beings there is always a computer waiting (if you don’t have one or yours gets some ransomware.. ha ha – again another subject but still very close), and there’s also another:

  • smartphone waiting
  • smart fridge waiting
  • smart TV waiting
  • smart car waiting.. Tesla
  • smart wearable waiting
  • tablet
  • RF chip
  • something technical smart and ready enough to help us out
  • Software (in all of them)

Help us.. you say!

Hmm, the other day my little one asked an interesting question, when do numbers finish, as in 1, 2, 3..

Well, my question of same sorts would be: where does smart pieces of technology finish?

Are these numbers double / triple (in stocks waiting to be shipped, or live and kicking) more than humans! Somehow we, humans live and kicking, have created a dormant army of devices which at the moment help us out.. still.



Rambling 1 0 1: that Runcible mirage

‘Runcible’, i.e. ‘the heirloom, smart pocket device made of sustainably sourced hardwood and upgradable electronics’, was first born in the mind of one Aubrey Anderson from Berkeley, USA

Aubrey Anderson, according to LinkedIn, is Founder and CEO at Monohm Inc

To fund the Runcible dream, Aubrey started a campaign on Indiegogo, see here

People got interested, money exchanged accounts, the Runcible dream moved closer to reality in the form of $294,979 from 699 backers. And the mirage settles..

Mirage settled and never dispersed because Aubrey smooth talk from early days was replaced by a communication vacuum.

September 2016 came, January 2017 came, February as well.. and none of the delivery dates, which none but Aubrey set, were fruitful. The Runcible is but a mirage.

Aubrey’s last update was 2 months ago. None of backers cries for attention were replied. Aubrey is in hiding. Or is he?

One of the backers revealed this morning that his Twitter account is very much alive:

I am personally puzzled by this particular mirage; questions for Aubrey:

  • Is Runcible your priority?
  • Are your backers distracting you?
  • Is this the way you performed when working for Apple?

Aubrey, cheers mate


March 2018 update: – a year down from my post and no change on Runcible project, couple of updates have been shared by Aubrey, and that’s it. Nothing about the the final specs, or about when will it be available, or if the project is still alive. It’s a shame really, no accountability from project owners (if one of them may become busy.. with life). Even Netflix showed their version of Runcible in one of the Black Mirror episodes. Also what I find curious is how few people complain about the lack of product.. and communication. Ah well

June 2018 update: – Indiegogo campaign for Sinclair ZX Spectrum console is called a “Crowdfunding catastrophe”, which was announced ‘just’ in 2016 and hasn’t delivered yet. Indiegogo sends in debt collectors:

Then what shall we call the Runcible campaign?